Mitoshi CryptoLotto’s Winning Features are:

Global appeal that corners Asia (Chinese, Korean and Japanese players); North America (America and Canadian players) and Europe (British and German players). The website and app will be translated to 5 major languages.

Neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets can be faked

The lottery cannot be banned. You only need Internet access and a cryptocurrency wallet to play with it.

There is no possibility of system abuse.

Referral commissions are paid out almost instantly. Sales commission payments are secured by smart contracts and provide token holders with an almost endless source of income.

You can already win by getting 3 numbers right instead of six

50% of the funds collected will be allocated to the prize pool – which would see an exponential growth

Distribution and payout procedures are transparent and supported by smart contracts

Mitoshi tokens are priced at US$0.20 during the ICO sale period, which is way below the usual lotto price of US$2.00. We forecast a wave of lotto aficionados and cryptoinvestors buying into Mitoshi tokens without consideration of a great loss. It’s just peanuts.

Mitoshi crypto lotto is anonymous.

Winnings of any sizes are paid out almost instantly. Winnings are not taxed.

Because when no bets match the draw, the jackpot breaks at a predetermined draw date and is distributed fairly to ALL THE ACTIVE* PLAYERS of that draw. EVERYBODY WINS.

*An active player is one who has made at least 70% separate bets on that particular draw.